Covid-19 Policy for Commercial Photography

Working safely for Coronavirus Protection and Adhering to Regulations

This policy was updated on 17th February 2021 to closely follow the latest legislation and Government Guidelines.  This policy is guided by the Master Photographers Association and British Institute of Professional Photography who are reviewing all legislation and guidelines as they are issued.

Although it is still legal for commercial shoots to go ahead it is my upmost concern to ensure that all photo shoots are managed safely for the benefit of my clients, myself and any other professionals involved.
I’ve listed below the steps I am taking to promote safe working practices:

Preparing for the Photo shoot:

Consultations and shoot production meetings have been shifted onto Zoom rather than in person.

I am still happy to undertake a location visit where relevant to the brief and will do this on my own.  Where the environment or brief requires otherwise, such visits will be managed with social distancing / masks in place.

A key part of consultation and planning will be to ensure creative concepts and photography briefs bear in mind the latest Government level restrictions to ensure safe production alongside great creative results.

Photo shoots:

I will check at least 24 hours before the shoot date and would ask that clients disclose if anyone involved in the shoot has had a fever or any other symptoms such as coughs, sickness or vomiting or has been in contact with anyone displaying Covid-19 symptoms, suspected of having Covid-19 or has had a positive test result for Covid-19 or is awaiting the results of a test.  If there are concerns on any of the above the shoot date will be re-arranged.  During national or local periods of restrictions my usual shoot cancellation fees will be waived to give as much reassurance as possible to clients in case of infection or suspected infection.

The number of people on location should be kept to a minimum. Only people absolutely required to be present for the shoot swill be allowed to attend.  

Hand Washing:

Hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser should be undertaken on arrival to each location and will be completed regularly throughout the shoot.

Social Distancing:

Social distancing will be adhered to throughout the photo shoot.  Locations will be considered with this requirement in mind and I will make it known in advance if I hold concerns that a particular indoor environment may make this difficult to uphold.  Where image previews are relevant to I will set up my laptop/screen in a position where everyone can view images straight from camera without the need for breaking social distance protections.  

Mask Wearing: 

I will wear a mask for indoor photo shoots and would ask all people involved on an indoor set to do the same.  Outdoor locations can be safely managed with social distancing only.  However, I am always happy to wear a mask if this helps make any member of the client team feel more comfortable.  Enhanced PPE would only be required by crew members needing to break physical distancing over a period of time e.g. Hair & Make-Up professionals.


All cameras, lenses, lighting and supports are wiped down carefully after each shoot. I keep an awareness of surfaces where mixed contact may be made during the shoot and wipe down accordingly.

Covid-19 Policy for Weddings and Funerals

As permitted by current legislation, the numbers allowed at funerals and weddings are restricted. As a photographer I am included in the allowable numbers. I will wear a mask at all times and will maintain a social distance wherever possible. Hand washing and hand sanitiser will be used at regular intervals and upon arrival at each location. Any equipment used will be sanitised before and after use.

Covid-19 Policy for Portraits and Family Photography


As permitted by current legislation, outdoor, socially distanced portraits are preferable at the moment. Regular hand sanitizing, mask wearing and keeping a safe distance will be adhered to my me. I have long lenses and portable studio equipment when a different looks are preferred and these are sanitised on a regular basis.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.  If you are considering commissioning photography I am happy to have an initial chat to check that it would be possible to manage your brief safely.  Please email or call me on 07929625984.