Authentic, original, brand enhancing photography.

“A picture is worth a thousands words!” Never more true than when it comes to promoting your brand or products. Images on the web or in print are in general underrated and seen as expense.

Be it Personal Brand Photography, images for content creation or product shots for e-commerce, I can help.

Many business owners use free, generic, ‘stock’ images. Whilst some of these are very good they are just that, generic, not individual to you or your business. Most of what’s available in these libraries has an American, European or corporate feel to them. The educated potential customer can spot this type of image and considers them unauthentic. Whilst that may be fine for some, if you care about what you represent and put your name and reputation too, good, original content is the only path. Good photography literally puts you in a good light. It represents your business, your products, you and should be seen as an investment.

We take the time to understand your brief, maintain a continuity of style and quality, enhancing you and your brand. Whilst arguably better than ‘stock’ images, poor quality photography brings down the look of your website, advert, press release, report. It often demonstrates a lack of attention to detail, maybe even a lack of care. Whilst this may not be the case, you only get one chance to make a great impression. Authentic, original, good photography does the exact opposite, makes everything that you produce and show to the public or clients stand out from the crowd, shows that you have high standards and an eye for detail.

  • Personal brand photography that conveys the business owner as a real person and allows social followers to connect.
  • Headshots that have character, show personality and give an impression of company ethos.
  • Capturing the patina of early English oak furniture made it possible to achieve a higher than expected price at auction.
  • The conceptual image we produced using models that perfectly captured the brief, meaning the advertising campaign was a huge success.
  • The band photographs that captured their particular brand of rock and was used to promote them on posters, in ads, on Tee shirts and on the album sleeve notes and cover.
  • Working with the counties leading Memorial Stonemason to show the craftsmanship and talent of the stonemasons.

All of this happens when you treat photography as an investment and you collaborate with a photographer that is passionate about your brief, your goals and produces images that the viewer can easily connect with.

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